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From Martien

Position: Project Manager of Reservation Master
18 July, 2015

Dear Friend,

Reservation Master is a reservations software package developed for use in Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Bed and breakfast, Lodges & Inns and Campgrounds worldwide.

Reservation Master version 6.02 and Reservation Master Pro version 6.02 (Windows 8 support) is now available Click here for version comparison. This version also includes the support of Window Vista and Windows 7, a continuous booking calendar and many other improvements.

Click here to download your fully functional 30 Day trial version

Have you had days where you had to decline a reservation, because you were already holding a reservation for an expected guest, only to realize later that the expected guest was a “no show” and after further investigation, you discovered that the reservation was not guaranteed?

That’s why we created this software. You’re presented with a color-coded booking sheet which provides you with instant information on your room availability and the guarantee status, reducing the possibility for mistakes.

This software is easy to use.

We are of the opinion that if you can’t understand a piece of software in five minutes, it’s too complicated to ever be of proper use. With this in mind we developed Reservation Master to be so easy to use you’ll have it up and running in less than ten minutes.

The booking sheet is based upon a pencil and paper booking sheet most people are familiar with.

Generate Invoices and reports in your own language.

Although the program is in English, you can adapt the program interface and reports to almost any language you wish. Simply edit the language file and enter your translation. This will allow you to change the menu interface, reports and invoices to your preferred language.

Export raw data when required.

An easy-to-use interface is provided for exporting selected data, which you can then use in other programs of your choice. In many cases just click the Excel button to export the selected sheet to Excel.

Find out your income and occupancy levels are at a touch of a button

This software will generate these reports for you so you have providing you with accurate information on your income and occupancy. Beside this occupancy levels are displayed on top of the booking sheets at all times.

Create an occupancy web page.

From the calendar tab you can create a web page displaying you occupancy status, which you can customize and upload to your web site. Click here to display a sample web page. In addition you can generated reports which provide you with an up to date room availabilty information.

Web reservation

Version 5 of Reservation Master support the option to interface with Site Minder which provide you with the option to access with the worlds leading online bookings sites such as Expedia,, HRS, Hotelbeds, Orbitz, Agoda and many more. In order for this function to work you will have to register with Site Minder and agree with their terms and conditions. Please note that this option has to be installed separately and is not part of the demo.

Click here to download the interface manual for Site Minder.

Version 5 of Reservation Master also support the option to interface with Staah Channel manager STAAH Channel Manager connects to the major third party global websites such as, Expedia, and, via ONE access point.
This eliminates manual, time consuming manipulation and management of each site. In order for this function to work you will have to register with Staah and agree with their terms and conditions. Please note that this option has to be installed separately and is not part of the demo. (Now available)

Click here to download the interface manual for Staah.

Display a layout and indicate what is occupied.

You can create your own layout of your establishment and indicate which units are occupied. This feature is especially handy in case you are managing campground as it tell you what is available.

I am only operating a small Motel / Hotel. The booking sheet does the job just fine.

Maybe, but have you considered that with this software, you can print out your booking sheet, or if you have a laptop computer, you can even take the front office with you while inspecting a unit or working on site. After all, most operators can answer telephone calls remotely, however, in order to take a telephone booking, ordinarily you would need to go back to the office while keeping the caller on hold.

You most likely will be a Motel / Hotel operator, although this software has been used by other organizations, including a cattery. You are free to download the 30-Day trial to see for yourself. There are no other restrictions to the program. If after the trial period, you decide that this program is indeed for you, it can be purchased online. Your entered data is saved upon re-installation.

And remember.

Reservation master is a Fully Guaranteed Product

“Reservation Master ver 6.02 $199.95

“Reservation Master Ver 6.02 Pro $349.95

“Upgrade price for Current users to ver 6.02 $99.95; ver 6.02 Pro $149.95”.

(All prices are in US dollars)

There are no annual subscription fee once you purchase the program you can use it as long as you want, we also offer free email support