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Download Now Reservation Master Ver 9.00 (fully functional)

Download Now Reservation Master Pro Ver 9.00 (fully functional)

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Web reservation download

The above download does not contain the web reservation interface. These interfaces needs to be downloaded and installed separately.
1. Click here to download the siteminder interface
2. Click here to download the staah interface.
3. Click here to download the UseRoss interface.

Version comparison Reservation Master

US$ 199,95
US$ 349.95
  • Booking Sheet, the ability to display reservation on a booking sheet.
  • Create and edit reservation and group reservation
  • Calendar view, this tab which provide you with an overall occupancy for the selected year
  • Create HTML web site with displaying your occupancy data.
  • Todays guest, displays the guest currently staying
  • Arrivals, displays guest arriving on the selected date
  • Departures, displays guest departing on the selected date
  • Occupancy, displays guest for a selectable period
  • Available rooms, displays the available rooms on the selected date
  • Customer list, displays and edit customers
  • Use templates to send confirmation email and letters
  • Use template and send PDF invoice as attachment
  • Product Tab, from this tab you can easily maintain and create product reports
  • Product sale to non staying guest
  • Maintain product inventory
  • Generate report (except product reports)
  • Layout view, this view is activated when you select your floor plan / campground layout (BMP,JPG file)
  • SQL query tab from here you can create your own SQL query (Advance user only)
  • Use user and security to restrict access to certain portion of the program.
  • Daily rates to apply room rate on a day to day basis.
  • Option to create a supplementary invoice for guest / split invoice
  • Block room without creating a reservation / invoice
  • Show room type selectively on the booking sheet and display the occupancy
    level for the selected room type
  • Create invoices using a different currency and exchange rate
  • Create a guest manifest to show and show names of all guest.
  • Create house keeping cleaning report and include task to be performed
  • The option to create hourly reservation SPA function

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