Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

If this FAQ list does not answer your questions, please refer to help file for more information or send an Email to Reservation Master Support team. Thank you.
We do our best to answer the messages promptly including for those using the trial version. Typically we reply within 24 hours.

Please make sure to send an email if you need further question as a post will not be responded on.

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General Information


General Information

Is there an annual subscription fee to be paid after purchasing?

No there is no annual subscription to be paid you once you purchase the program.[Top]

My computer hard drive crashed can I redownload the program

Once you purchase the program you should make a backup of the program (and if provided the unlock key) so you can restore the program. Only the latest version will be available for download. In case there has been a Mayor update of the program the previous version will only be available for download one year after the release of the new version[Top]

How do I purchase Reservation Master

To purchase Reservation Master Click the Order Now button on top this will take you to a SECURE WEB SITE from Click Bank where you can pay using a number of different credit card and including using you Pay Pal account. Once your payment is made and accepted you will then be transferred to a web site to download the unrestricted version of Reservation Master. Please make sure you do so and run setup again as this will unlock the program, your existing data will remain 100% in tack
You can request an unlock code to unlock the demo version you have by sending an email to you should receive a reply within 24 hours. [Top]

What about updates are if a new version becomes available.

Minor version update are provides free of charge for a period of one year after this period a charge may well apply. An upgrade fee is applicable for Major version upgrade.[Top]

Is this program compatible with Window 8?

Yes the program compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and windows 8, but be reminded that one of Windows requirement is that all files which need to be modified by the program have to be placed in the “My document” folder. Failing to do so will prevent the program from operation correctly.

Although not recommended you can run the program using administrator privileged if you do need to access files in a different location.[Top]

How does the 30 day trial works.

The Reservation Master 30 Day Trial is available to provide people the chance to try out the Reservation Master system and see if it fits their requirements. After installing the software onto your computer, you can use it free of charge without any limitation for a period of 30 days.[Top]

How do I install and run the program.

Once you download the program, you will have to unzip / extract the program you can unzip the program using win zip or in case of Windows XP open the folder and select extract all files from the file menu.

Once the files are extracted, run setup to install the program and follow the instructions. Once installed select start point to all programs and select reservation master to run the program.[Top]

Can I use the data entered during the 30 day trial.

Yes absolutely the data entered during this period is actual data and is available to you after the program is registered.[Top]

I have entered some test data can this data be deleted.

Test data can be manually deleted by selecting Purge Data from the file menu and selecting the date to include the current date.[Top]

Is there an instruction manual with Reservation Master?

Yes you will find an on line help from the help menu or alternatively you can print out the PDF file supplied. Click the PDF Manual button to download this file.[Top]

Is there a call monitoring within the program?

Due to the complex nature of tariff calculation from country to country, we are not supporting this feature at this stage. Telephone charges can be added manually on the invoice or it can be entered as a product.[Top]

How do I set up the program for multi user?

The software package can operate in a multi user environment (Please note that you will have to purchase a licence for each computer)

The multi user function is enabled on the demo version, yet it is disabled on the full version. If you have already purchase the program and want to try out the multi user option then you have to make sure that you start the demo version before you start the full version.

To set up the program for multi users please take the following steps.

1. Make sure windows networking is working correctly.
2. Allocate one of your computers to be the server. Locate the database folder containing the file “reservation.abs” and share this folder with read and write permission.
3. On the other computers open configuration then network click the “data directory” select button and locate the data base on your main computer (server)
4. Tick the “network auto update” check box if you wish that the computer automatically update the screen.
5. Save and exit, your net work should be working now.

The program uses File server rather than a Client server which simplify the installation and up keep, unfortunately in some situations a file server can be slower.

Step you can take to improve speed.
– Have a dedicate network for the computers.
– Try not to use a wireless network as these tend to be 50% slower than a cable connection. (you may need to disable the wireless network card to be sure)
– Reduce the database file size. Use the purge function to delete old reservation data.
– Use the fastest computer as your server. (or have a dedicated server)
– Hide the occupancy level display.
– Disable the auto occupancy calculation. From configuration / preference un tick “Auto calculate occupancy levels”
– Break long reservation into several short reservation, try not to exceed 30 days.
– Using a Terminal server program such as will be a benefit as less data has to be transferred over the network.

User.dat file
You will also need to place a special file called “user.dat” in the program directory of each computer, failing to do so will restrict the program to a single user. (this restriction is not imposed using the trial version).

The “user.dat” file will be provided to you upon purchasing additional license

I wish the program has this or that.

The creation of software package is never completed, although we cannot promise that we incorporate new features wanted by users. We welcome any suggestion users may have including during the trial period. Please send us an email. We will let you know if your suggestion has been accepted and will provide you with a program update as soon it is released.[Top]


What basic information is required to start using the software

Most important is to set the configurations accessible from the File menu/Configuration Type in your company details required to print reports and invoices, GST codes to calculate the tax rates, Room and rate to enter room description and rates be sure to enter both single and double occupancy rate and extra person rates.[Top]

Can I have a number of different tariffs depending on seasons?

Yes In configuration under Tariff codes enter the various tariff and the Deduction or addition required, you can the select the default tariff to be used.[Top]

How can I alter the room information and booking sheet display?

The colors and size of the grids can be configured according to you own requirements, also from the configuration menu. Guarantee color and description can also be altered.[Top]

Why does the colored area stop before the actual check out date?

This is a matter of preference as the room is normally available on the check out date reservation can start from here. You can alter this preference by changing the setting from Configuration to show the actual check in and checkout time. [Top]

Tax code is displayed as GST can this be changed.

You can change the tax description from GST to VAT or any other description you like this new tax description will then be used on your forms and report.[Top]

I would like to hide GST amount on invoices.

You can hide from GST to VAT from your invoices by changing the configuration settings tick “Don’t show tax on invoices”.[Top]

How do I change the $ symbol to another currency symbol

As the program uses window currency symbol, you can alter the currency symbol by changing the Regional and language option from windows control panel.[Top]

I am selling some products is can this be automated.

Yes you can enter the product information and selling prices File menu/ products and select the product button in your invoice to add product sold on to your invoice.[Top]

Can I insert our Motel/Hotel logo on the invoice?

A standard BMP file can be use for your logo please select in the configuration.[Top]

I would like to use the guest data to create a mailing list.

Selected guest information and data can be exported as a comma delimited file which can be used by Microsoft Word mail merge.[Top]

Some time I have a need to double book can this be done.

As there are time that this may be required you can set the preference to allow double booking, it is recommended to disable this again once the double booking is made.[Top]

Can the wording Room number be changed to Site or Cabin etc?

Yes you can alter the wording Room by from the configuration setting, select room and rate and change the wording as required.[Top]

What is the use of guest code can I leave it blank?

The guest code is use to recall detail information for returning guest and therefore is a required field. You can however set the preference to Auto generate the guest code. Please remember that using a name may make it easier to find a returning guest. You could for instance use the first letter of Given name and the Family name as a code.[Top]

I don’t like the screen colours can I change them?

Yes you can alter the screen colours. This can be done from your configuration menu select the colour setting tab. Here click the colour buttons and select you own colour. You can also alter the size of your grid from here.[Top]

How do I change the Interface language?

The interface language can be change by editing the language file. Make a copy of the “Language.Sil” file should be in C:\MyDocuments\Reservation Master\Lan folder.
You can edit this file using a specially create language file editor. Available free of charge.[Top]

I have created my own language interface and would like to share it with others.
We welcome and would make available to others free of charge any language interface file.
If you have done so please send an email to and attached the “language.sil” file.[Top]

My confirmation letter does not seem to work.

The confirmation letter requires Microsoft word2000 to work. In the event you do note have this version of word available, please select the *rtf or *.txt template as these will work with other programs whish support these file format. [Top]