Note: Videos where made using Reservation Master 4.02, as updates have been made to the program some presentation may be different than the current version.

Creating new reservation.

You can create a new reservation by clicking on booking sheet grid then drag to highlight the reservation once you release the mouse button the reservation dialog will be displayed. You can also create a new reservation by using the menu. Once a reservation is create click on the reservation to highlight it and select edit from the menu

Adding rooms.

Rooms can be added from the program configuration, select room and rates then click the enter button. You can manually enter the room information or for similar room types you can use the auto update function.

Room rate calculations

By entering the basic room rates and utilising the tariff codes you can adjust your room rate to meet most requirements, the program will used the data entered to calculate your room rates. There is also the option to create a package rate for any special you may have. If all fails you can always override these rate and enter the room rate manually.

Change grid size.

Select screen setting from configuration to change the grid size and colors plus you can select what information is to be displayed such as a company name and or special requirements.

Creating availability calendar for your web site.

From the calendar tab you can create a web page witch will display you availability information. To do so select create web page from the menu then select the directory to store the information Click save and your web page will be created.
You can change the color and the calendar size to your own preference. Most important is that you can adjust your room availability to block out certain dates. (This is a function only available in the pro version)