Using the Layout view

The layout view is there for the user to display their property layout. It is most useful for Campground as to indicate which sites are occupied. To enable the layout view takes the following steps
1. Create you map. This could be a scan of you site and make sure it matches you screen size say 800 x 600 pixels saved as BMP or JPG file format.
2. Open configuration from the file menu then select the screen settings tab
3. Click the select Back ground file button and locate the file you created
4. After saving you will note that the Layout view tab is now enabled and if selected you will see a number of markers on the left hand side. The size of these markers can be adjusted from the screen setting.
5. Click the unlock button to unlock the screen now you can move markers to the correct location.
6. You can edit and generate invoices by selecting the relevant marker.

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