Update 2-May-2011

1. Group reservation has now the option to calculate rates based on actual room rate rather than the group leaders room rate providing in total 3 possibilities Using group leaders rates, Using a per person rate and Using actual room rate of each individual room. To select these rates the user will need to tick […]

Update 17-April-2011

1. Change made on the invoice available to the pro version users only, providing the user the option to create a supplementary invoice for guest. This option can be use to create an invoice for a travel agent or if the guest would not like to see certain items on the main invoice two invoices […]

Update 21-March-2011

1. An option have been added to block rooms for maintenance or other purposes Blocked rooms will show as a reservation on the booking sheet and will prevent a reservation to be made during this period. The blocked room will have no invoice and if cancelled will not be recorded as cancelled reservations. 2. The […]

Update 24-February-2011

1. An option has been added to charge room rates on a daily basis. This provide user to apply a different rate for a room type for each calendar day in the year. To enable this option tick the “use daily rate” check box on the room and rate tab in configuration. (please note that […]

Update 5-February-2011

1. Although it was possible to double book a room the two reservations would overlap so the only way to edit the reservation was by select the reservation from the occupancy tab. Double bookings are now displayed on the booking sheet staggered so you can select and edit them from the booking sheet. 2. The […]

Update 16-January-2011

1. Changes have been made to group reservation providing the user to create an invoice after a reservation is saved plus giving the option to check in the group in the reservation is made on the day of check in. 2. Most of the grid including the smaller pop up dialog such as Credit cards, […]