Update 30-November-2010

1. The option to transfer an invoice to the product invoice The use is intended so you can generate an invoice for a non staying guest (say travel agent) and transfer the invoice to the travel agent. 2. The option to override the default text when transferring invoice at the time of transferring. 3. The […]

Update 19-October-2010

1. When creating invoices selecting “Cancel” will result that invoice data (including the system generated data and invoice number) is not recorded. A warning message is now displayed requesting to save the invoice instead so data is properly recorded. Invoices that are not saved can not be transfered and will not be included in reports. […]

Update 12-October-2010

1. The option to check out guest when creating the invoice. This option will be displayed only when a guest has checked in and the departure date is equal or before todays date. 2. When creating an invoice and receiving payment from the reservation dialog the guest status will be updated.

Update 1-October-2010

The following feature have been added to the program 1. Transfered invoices when deleted the user is given the option to restored it to the original invoice 2. User has now the option to generate invoices as part of a new reservation process 3. When generation confirmation letters for a group <<NoAdults>> and <<NoChildren>> give […]

Update 27-August-2010

The following feature have been added to the program 1. Checked out guest, now can shows a circle indicating the original guarantee, Set from configuration / screen settings. 2. Cut and paste should be available in all dialog boxes. 3. Five of the last template used are stored, So you can use multiple templates. Select […]