Running the program on a network / multiuser

The software package can operate in a multi user environment (Please note that you will have to purchase a licence for each computer)
The multi user function is enabled on the demo version, yet it is disabled on the full version. If you have already purchase the program and want to try out the multi user option then you have to make sure that you start the demo version before you start the full version.

To set up the program for multi users please take the following steps.

1. Make sure windows networking is working correctly.
2. Allocate one of your computers to be the server. Locate the database folder containing the file “reservation.abs” and share this folder with read and write permission.
3. On the other computers open configuration then network click the “data directory” select button and locate the data base on your main computer (server)
4. Tick the “network auto update” check box if you wish that the computer automatically update the screen.
5. Save and exit, your net work should be working now.

The program uses File server rather than a Client server which simplify the installation and up keep, unfortunately in some situations a file server can be slower.
Step you can take to improve speed.
– Have a dedicate network for the computers.
– Try not to use a wireless network as these tend to be 50% slower than a cable connection.
– Reduce the database file size. Use the purge function to delete old reservation data.
– Use the fastest computer as your server. (or have a dedicated server)

User.dat file
You will also need to place a special file called “user.dat” in the program directory of each computer, failing to do so will restrict the program to a single user. (this restriction is not imposed using the trial version).
The “user.dat” file will be provided to you upon purchasing additional license

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