Using the invoice template

You can create your own invoice style using the invoice template. 1. Locate the sample template normally you should find them in “C:\..\Documents\Reservation\Templates” 1. Edit the sample template to you own preference 2. Open configuration / invoice tab 3. Tick the “Us MS word template” and the “display template selection dialog” check box 4. When […]

Changing the currency symbol

The program uses windows default currency symbol, so to change the currency symbol you will have to change it from windows. 1. Click the start button the from the menu select “control panel”. 2. From the clasic menu select “Regional and Language options”. 3. From the format tab click “Change this format” this will open […]

Using the Layout view

The layout view is there for the user to display their property layout. It is most useful for Campground as to indicate which sites are occupied. To enable the layout view takes the following steps 1. Create you map. This could be a scan of you site and make sure it matches you screen size […]